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cse: a sports consultancy daring to be different

Significant changes in popularity, media, fitness, technology and finance mean that sport is constantly evolving at a rapid rate. At cse we dare to be different and initiate positive change so that we keep you ahead of the game


Maximising sponsorship and commercial revenues for rights holders for over 40 years

Event Promotion

Highly experienced at creating, managing and promoting events of the biggest scale


Successfully completed more than 100 evaluation and strategic reports for clients

Corporate Events

cse creates bespoke corporate events that deliver memorable and engaging experiences

Enthusiastic, knowledgeable people, great facilities… I really enjoyed the day, I would certainly do it again. John Maguire

General Manager, Richmond Golf Club

cse’s Corporate Day is a genius concept, I can’t wait to bore many people about it for some time to come. Nick Rusling

CEO, Human Race Group Ltd

Perfect venue, fantastic staff, and great team bonding! Thanks for cse for a fantastic day Adam Lucas

Virgin Media

The team at cse have over 40 years’ experience of sponsorship sales, event
promotion, sponsorship consultancy and corporate days working
across a wide range of sports.

cse understands the modern world we live in and acknowledges the need for sports marketing programmes and events to be measurable and accountable for their own success.

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